Our Areas Of Practice

The following is a general statement of the areas of law in which our Firm practices and where we can be of assistance to our clients:


Prior to engaging in business, whether that business be large or small, it is important to decide the legal form that the business should take. Our Firm will consult with the client to determine the best form for the client's needs and desires. A business might take the form of a corporation (either an S Corporation, profit, non-profit or standard corporation), partnership (either limited or general), limited liability company, joint venture or sole proprietorship. The structure of each client's business must be carefully studied for possible tax consequences and liability considerations, as well as compensation and profit motivation.


Once a business has been formed, no matter what the legal entity is, the operation of the business must be reviewed from time to time to ensure that the entity is proper for the current operations of the business. Also, in the case of corporations, documentation must be kept current with annual minutes, special minutes, the issuance of stock certificates to new shareholders, etc. Reviews should be performed periodically to ensure that the entity is taking advantage of all possible tax benefits, including the possible use of both qualified and non-qualified pension and profit sharing plans, and other deferred compensation arrangements. Also, any leases or purchase agreements by the business should be reviewed periodically, as should its standard form contracts with third parties and employees. All regulatory and licensing requirements by governmental agencies must be timely followed and properly documented.


Almost every facet of a client's business and personal financial life is affected by taxes. The Firm continually counsels clients as to methods of saving taxes by recommending appropriate investments, alternatives for structuring a particular transaction, and by keeping clients aware of changes in the tax laws and new planning possibilities. In addition, we represent clients before federal, state and local governmental agencies in all tax matters.


The Firm has represented numerous clients in a wide variety of business, commercial and corporate litigation matters in state and federal courts.  The Firm also works with outside litigation counsel in matters including employment issues, real estate, probate, construction, condemnation, premises liability, products liability, insurance coverage.  When appropriate, we explore and utilize effective alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings, in lieu of existing or probable litigation to save our clients time, money and unproductive effort.


The Firm has prepared numerous estate plans with an emphasis on preserving a client's estate from needless estate, gift and income taxes, and unnecessary probate costs. A complete review of the client's finances is necessary to engage in this type of planning and many times the preparation of sophisticated wills and trusts, as well as other documents, is required. The Firm is also prepared to handle the less complicated situation where a simple will or asset transfer will accomplish the planning goals of the client. 


The Firm has been involved in transactions with major commercial banks and financial institutions. Many times, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining special financing arrangements.


The Firm is engaged in a wide range of representation regarding many forms of real estate matters which range from simple purchases and sales of real estate to the construction and management of apartment complexes, condominiums, office buildings and shopping centers. No real estate matter is exactly the same, and the tax and legal ramifications of each transaction must be considered separately.


The Firm assists our clients in insurance planning. We recommend that we meet with the client and his or her insurance adviser to ensure that he or she is protected by life, disability, health and liability insurance which best meets his or her particular needs.


We are often asked if we have time to serve additional clients. We are a growing Firm and we always appreciate new clients and referrals. If you are a new client--welcome. If you are an existing client learning more about the services we provide--thank you for your continuing to give us the opportunity to be of service to you.