Representing the Professional Athlete

In representing athletes, ARDMORE INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT CORPORATION ("AIM") in conjunction with GOURWITZ AND BARR, PLLC, takes a four-step approach to their life cycle:

  1. Pre-professional athletics;
  2. Professional athletics;
  3. Post-professional athletics;
  4. "Real" retirement.

We perform all of the traditional services, such as contract negotiations, financial and investment planning, and promotional services. Working with the law firm of GOURWITZ AND BARR, PLLC, we can assist the athlete in making decisions about his personal life and professional career by providing management and consulting services regarding:

  • Personal and family matters, including charitable and civic endeavors;
  • Legal matters, including contract negotiations;
  • Financial/tax/investment/insurance matters;
  • Promotional endorsements -- public relations and personal marketing;
  • Athletic career and business career counseling, including educational counseling, where appropriate.

We tailor the services which we provide to the specific needs of the athlete to assure a lifetime of personal and financial success. To achieve this wealth accumulation, our team of experts will monitor, coordinate and revise our recommendations and the specific services over the course of the professional athlete's life.

We discuss the fees for our services in advance with our clients. They are based on the type of services we are providing for that specific client and are then reduced to writing.

Specific examples of areas in which AIM and GOURWITZ AND BARR, PLLC, become involved for our clients are:

Taxation: Almost every facet of a client's business and personal financial life is affected by taxes. We continually counsel clients as to methods of saving taxes by recommending specific types of investments, alternatives for structuring a particular transaction, and by keeping clients aware of changes in the tax laws and new planning possibilities.

Estate and Financial Planning: GOURWITZ AND BARR, PLLC, has been involved in the preparation of numerous estate plans with an emphasis on preserving a client's estate from needless estate, gift and income taxes. A complete review of the client's finances is necessary to engage in this type of planning and, many times, the preparation of sophisticated wills and trusts, as well as other documents, is required. We are also prepared to handle the less-complicated situations where a simple will or asset transfer will accomplish the planning goals of the client.

Financing: We have been involved in transactions with major commercial banks and financial institutions. Many times, we are able to assist our clients in obtaining special financing arrangements.

Arbitration: GOURWITZ AND BARR, PLLC, represents numerous clients in various types of civil litigation and arbitration procedures.

Real Estate Matters: We are engaged in a wide range of representation regarding many forms of real estate matters which range from simple purchases and sales of real estate to the construction of apartment complexes, condominiums and shopping centers. No real estate matter is exactly the same, and the tax and legal ramifications of each transaction must be considered separately.

Insurance: AIM assists our clients in insurance planning to ensure that they are protected by life, disability, health and liability insurance which best meets their particular needs.