Uniform Transfers To Minors Act

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The Michigan Uniform Gifts to Minors Act ("UGMA") was repealed as of December 30, 1998, and replaced by the Michigan Uniform Transfers to Minors Act ("UTMA").

One important difference between UTMA and the former UGMA is that transfer of the custodial property to the minor may be delayed by using appropriate language at the time of transfer that allows the custodianship to last until the minor's 21st birthday instead of the minor's 18th birthday.

Another significant difference between UTMA and the former UGMA is that the types of property that may be transferred is not limited. Under UGMA, gifts were limited to securities, money, insurance, and annuities.

UTMA applies to a transfer made before December 30, 1998, under UGMA. However, it will not extend the duration of custodianships in existence on the effective date of UTMA that were created under UGMA.

Caution -- While custodial property under UTMA is not includible in the parent's estate under IRC §2041 (powers of appointment), it may be included under IRC §2038 (revocable transfers) if the parent is the donor and appoints himself custodian.

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